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Chromebook Program
Damien High School adopted a 1:1 computing environment several years ago, in which all students must have a Google Chromebook for educational use. We believe Chromebooks are the more effective, innovative, and affordable learning device for our students and their families. Chromebooks are fast, secure, simple to use, offer long battery life and integrate seamlessly with student Google email accounts and Apps for Education.
Supporting student learning is the primary goal of our 1:1 program, and we believe that Chromebooks are the best tool to support this goal. In addition, the Chrome operating system works within our network to provide mandated filters and security measures. In preparation for the school year, we invite you to visit our website for additional information regarding our Chromebook program as well as information regarding digital textbooks.
Recommended Chromebooks 
Click the price to be taken to the site that where the Chromebook can be purchased.
Acer Chromebook
Screen: 11.6”
Storage: 16GB SSD
Unlimited Google Drive
From $40 (Refurbished)
          $99 (New)
Samsung Chromebook
Screen: 11.6”
Storage: 32GB
Unlimited Google Drive
From $89 (Refurbished)
         $159 (New)
ASUS Chromebook
Screen: 11.6”
Storage: 32GB
Unlimited Google Drive
From $49 (Refurbished)
         $162 (New)
Google Pixelbook Go
Screen: 13.3”
Storage: 64GB
Unlimited Google Drive
Ram: 16GB
From $524 (Refurbished)
         $730 (New)
* While the devices above are recommended, Damien families are free to purchase alternative Chromebooks. We recommend selecting an 8GB of ram option if financially feasible to minimize issues. Also, price my go up or down depending on the vendor.
Frequently Asked Questions
Chromebooks are a key instructional tool for our students. Just as we require all students to purchase the same textbook for a course, we are requiring all students to purchase a Chromebook for use during their time at Damien. In addition to furthering our school's goal of providing equal access to learning for all students, this requirement allows for a greater degree of student, parent and teacher support from our technology staff, which would not be possible under a bring-your-own-device scenario. Our staff can focus their time and attention on delivering the best possible instructional experience, rather than on addressing potential problems caused by applications installed on management of different devices.
Teachers are trained to monitor student use so they are appropriately engaged in the learning process. Instructor facilitated classroom activities will leave little time for off-task activities such as playing video games.
We do our best to ensure our students' online experience is safe. Before each Chromebook device connects to the Internet on campus, it must pass through Damien network firewalls and filters. Our web filters are programmed to block inappropriate Content as much as possible. Chromebooks also allow for the creation of "supervised user" accounts, which allow parents to have control over their son's actions in Chrome. This includes seeing which websites a student has visited, allowing or blocking certain website, preventing a student from installing apps/extensions, and ensuring the students are using Google's SafeSearch (which blocks inappropriate or explicit images from your Google Search results.) These supervised user settings are active whenever and wherever a student is using his Chromebook (e.g. on campus, at home, or at a public library).
While we do our best to stay on top of things, some websites are not blocked or are able to bypass our filters. Teachers and parents are encouraged to check the browsing history of student Chromebooks on a regular basis. If utilizing their Damien Google accounts or a supervised user account, students will not be able to delete browsing histories. The school will also conduct random check of a student browsing histories. If you discover any inappropriate web activity, please contact your child's teacher or a school administrator. Inappropriate web browsing is a violation of the school's Authorized Use Policy and may results in disciplinary actions.
Yes. If the students are on the Damien network or logged-in with their Damien Google account, the school can track information regarding the sites students were on, when they were on them, and how long they were on those sites. When using their Chromebooks, students are expected to only visit sites that are appropriate. Any action otherwise may constitute a violation of the Acceptable Use Policy. Violations of the policy can result in disciplinary action.